macSvn: A Subversion client for macOS,
integrates seamlessly into the Finder

June 9, 2024

macSvn announces the new release 2.1.1 of macSvn Subversion client for macOS. Version 2.1.1 contains major enhancements: Ability to display files' status in Git repository using icon badges (icon overlays). Ability to create new Git repositories. Improved the operation of managing the working directory. Improved file type determination when comparing files. Improve the decision of whether the affected path is selected in the log display.

macSvn is an intuitive and easy to use Subversion client, it integrates seamlessly into the macOS Finder. The icon overlays is supported, it can show the Subversion status using the icon badge. All svn commands are available directly from the context menu, toolbar menu, and sidebar menu of Finder window.

macSvn has a built-in file comparison tool that supports comparison operations of text files, image files, and binary files. For text files, the file differences are allowed to be edited, and syntax highlighting is supported.

macSvn has a built-in bug tracker, allows you to track project defects and tasks very easily. Defect data is saved in the repository and shared by all users and working copies.

macSvn supports direct operation of the repository without checking out the working copy, including copy, move, delete, etc.

New Subversion features are supported, such as Shelving and Checkpointing, it is the ability to put aside an uncommitted change in the Working-copy, as if putting it on a shelf, in order to work on something else, and later bring the change back into the Working-copy.

macSvn ships with carefully crafted user interfaces for the macOS light and dark mode, which includes adjusted colors, icons and textures, providing a sleek and unified look.

Price and Availability

macSvn runs on both Intel / Apple M series Chips, requires macOS 10.15+, the latest macOS recommended. The license price starts 7.00 USD.

Further information on the product is available at:

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About macSvn

macSvn develops user-friendly version control GUI software applications, including Subversion, Git, Mercurial, etc. It also develops a range of free tools.